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Lincoln Memorial

The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum


Salmon Portland Chase

The last high-quality photograph of Lincoln was taken March 1865.

A political cartoon of Andrew Johnson and Abraham Lincoln, 1865, entitled "The Rail Splitter At Work Repairing the Union." The caption reads (Johnson): 'Take it quietly Uncle Abe and I will draw it closer than ever.' (Lincoln): 'A few more stitches Andy and the good old Union will be mended.'

River Queen

The only confirmed photo of Abraham Lincoln at Gettysburg, some three hours before the speech.

Lincoln presents the first draft of the Emancipation Proclamation to his cabinet. Painted by Francis Bicknell Carpenter

Lincoln and McClellan after the Battle of Antietam

Major Anderson

alt=Life cast of Lincoln, spring 1860 by Leonard Volk

Lincoln in 1860 as photographed by Alexander Hessler

A sketch of candidate Abraham Lincoln

alt=A statue of young Lincoln sitting on a stump, holding a book open on his lap


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